LuckiBot Pro Wins GOLD WINNER 2023 at MUSE DESIGN AWARDS in Robotics Category

2023-04-20 22:27

OrionStar Robotics is proud to announce that its multifunctional AI delivery robot, LuckiBot Pro, has been awarded the GOLD WINNER 2023 in the Product Design-Robotics category at the prestigious MUSE Design Awards. The MUSE Design Awards is an international competition celebrating the best design achievements worldwide.


LuckiBot Pro's design was recognized for its advanced features and capabilities, including its high-precision vision and laser sensors, full set of vision and laser fusion SLAM algorithms, and autonomous navigation and omnidirectional blind-free perception. The robot's 14.1-inch high-definition screen and intelligent voice interaction system provide users with a safe and contactless experience, which is ideal for the post-pandemic era. 


OrionStar's commitment to innovation and excellence in design has been recognized by the MUSE Design Awards. LuckiBot Pro's Gold Winner 2023 award is a testament to the company's dedication to providing cutting-edge technology solutions for its customers. OrionStar looks forward to innovating and leading the industry with its advanced products and services.

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