OrionStar Robotics Shined at Automatica 2023 in Germany

2023-07-04 21:22


OrionStar Robotics, a world-leading provider of robotic solutions, garnered significant attention at the renowned exhibition Automatica 2023 in Munich from June 27 to 30. With a remarkable turnout of 40,000 visitors representing 88 countries, the event provided an exceptional platform for OrionStar to showcase its latest robots and industry solutions. The international audience was captivated by OrionStar's cutting-edge technology, which demonstrated the company's unwavering commitment to advancing the field of robotics.


One of the highlights of the exhibition was OrionStar Robotics showcasing two remarkable robots. LuckiBot, a widely deployed service robot globally, impressed visitors with its exceptional delivery and marketing capabilities. Furthermore, the company unveiled LuckiBot Pro, the latest delivery robot making its debut in Germany. These innovations offer outstanding human-robot interaction and adaptability, making LuckiBot Pro a valuable addition to industries seeking enhanced mobility and impactful information display with a larger screen.

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At Automatica 2023, Service Robot City was introduced for the first time, enhancing exhibitors' presentations and providing 

visitors with a realistic experience of integrating new technologies into daily life. The simulated hotel lobby featured 

OrionStar Robots flawlessly delivering information, underscoring their crucial role in enhancing customer experiences.

OrionStar expresses its heartfelt gratitude to partners and all attendees of Automatica 2023, who showed a keen interest 

in the company's products and solutions. To relive the extraordinary moments of OrionStar at the Automatica exhibition, 

please click HERE to watch the video.

About OrionStar

OrionStar Robotics is a world-leading robotics company, providing intelligent solutions across diverse industries since 2016. Their goal is to use technology to free people from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative and meaningful work. As of March 2023, OrionStar has deployed over 48,000 robots in more than 40 countries.

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