Smart Supermarket

Providing robotic service technology in retail to achieve a highly intelligent supermarket scene, reducing manpower, improving sales promotion, and increasing turnover. Lucki works with Heineken and Kofola to provide intelligent and accurate promotion services in supermarkets. Lucki broadcasts marketing advertisements and promotes products in real time, attracting customers while increasing the amount of interaction and the frequency of consumption.

Smart Hotel

With the rapid development of the hospitality industry, front desk staff is required to provide services in 24-hour shifts with strong inner tolerance and patience to provide business handling and consulting services, resulting in increased labor usage and difficulties in reducing labor costs. Lucki provides services at Hilton Hotel and Poznań Mercure Hotel in Poland, which can set welcome messages, initiate greetings, provide voice Q&A services and intelligent guidance service, introduce the hotel banquet venue, meal menu, surrounding food, attractions, and transportation, and can ensure the standard and uniformity of the explanation.

Smart Exhibition

With the rapid development in the exhibition hall industry, social demand is growing rapidly, but it is difficult to meet the needs of personalized exhibitions, and there is a lack of scene guidance. After the introduction of the Greeting Robot, the undifferentiated service greatly improves the efficiency of the explanation and ensures the standardization and uniformity of the explanation. In quickly addressing the needs of tourists, leading tourists to different areas of the exhibition hall, but also enhancing the satisfaction of the audience.