Company Profile

Sheng Fu

President of OrionStar
Vice President of China Young Entrepreneurs Association
Davos World Economic Forum Young Global Leader
Named to Fortune China’s Under 40 Business Elites for four consecutive years

OrionStar is an artificial intelligence company founded in September 2016 under Cheetah Mobile. At the beginning of its founding, it has gathered talents of artificial intelligence talents from world-class technology companies in Silicon Valley, Japan, Beijing, Shenzhen, Taiwan, etc. OrionStar is committed to creating the next generation of revolutionary products based on artificial intelligence technology, so that people can be released from repeated physical workload, making human work and life more intelligent and interesting, and making society and the world better with technology.

OrionStar has fully self-developed full-chain artificial intelligence technologies such as voice interaction, image recognition, and visual navigation. It integrates product development capabilities and technical application capabilities. It has released Baoxiaomi, Zhaocaibao, Baoxiaodi Max, Baoxiaodi Sky, Baoxiaodi Mini, Baoxiaofan 7-axis robotic arm xArm7, Smart Barista based on the Orion robotic arm platform, and establishs OrionOS, an open platform for Orion robots, with the practice of concept "really useful, really open", it empowers more people with AI technology.

Self-developed image recognition technology, won the first place in the Microsoft Million Celebrity Recognition Competition; self-developed full-link far-field voice interaction system "Orion Voice OS", has been cooperated with many well-known companies such as Xiaomi, Ximalaya, Midea, Dangdang, Yishiteng, etc.; OrionOS, the open platform of OrionStar Robot, integrates self-developed multi-chip system, camera + vision algorithm, microphone array, Orion TTS, indoor navigation platform and seven-axis robotic arm, etc., form forgether a complete robot technology chain.