OrionStar Robotics brightly at iREX 2023, leaving a lasting impression with Luckibot Pro AutoDoor.

2023-12-26 12:32

Recently, OrionStar Robotics (referred to as "OrionStar"), in collaboration with Japanese Partner Sojitz Corporation (referred to as "Sojitz"), showcased a range of robots at the 2023 International Robot Exhibition (iREX2023) in Tokyo, showing the solutions provided by OrionStar AI service robots in various scenarios.


The iREX 2023, organized by the Japan Robot Association and Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, is one of the largest specialized exhibitions in the field of robotics worldwide. Held every two years, this year marks its 25th edition, with over 650 companies and organizations participating. The theme of iREX2023 is “Sustainable Societies Through Robotics”.

During the exhibition, OrionStar launched a new generation robot designed for the overseas market - Luckibot Pro AutoDoor.  Luckibot Pro AutoDoor combines safety, hygiene, privacy, and reliability into one seamless solution. Equipped with Four-fold eagle-wing and electric doors, it ensures the privacy and hygiene of food during delivery. Additionally, the auto smart password lock only allows authorized users can access it, ensuring the safety and reliability of food delivery while minimizing errors.


In addition, the robot experts at the exhibition highlighted the various solutions that OrionStar service robots can provide in different scenarios, including the AI voice interaction, greet and guide, point-to-point delivery, multi-point delivery, and smart summon capabilities of the robot. The experts emphasized OrionStar robots applications in settings such as shopping malls, restaurants, and factories, and elaborated on how they can help enhance operational efficiency for customers.

Taking the restaurant scene as an example, the Luckibot equipped with RGBD x 3 cameras and LiDAR for smooth and safe navigation in narrow spaces during meal delivery. This is especially beneficial during peak hours when there are a large number of guests present, allowing for efficient completion of tasks. Additionally, the the Luckibot proves to be an excellent intimate for employees, especially in achieving tasks like collecting empty plates. According to data, restaurants that have implemented the Luckibot have seen a 250% increase in work efficiency and an average reduction of 50% in waiting time.


As we all know, Japan is a country with a serious aging population, which has led to difficulties for companies in recruiting employees and an urgent demand for robots. However, influenced by the cautious attitude towards technology in Japanese culture, their acceptance attitude in the field of robotics also reflects a corresponding level of caution. Alternatively, due to the relatively limited size of commercial spaces and complex walking routes in Japan, this has put very high demands on the accuracy of robot navigation systems and the sensitivity of sensors, increasing the difficulty of robot passage in Japan. During our early exploration of the Japan, OrionStar Robotics faced challenges but remained determined.

After years of investment, OrionStar has continuously upgraded robotic products and localized services to meet the demands in Japan. OrionStar Robotics has offered "service-oriented marketing strategy" to support the success of partners. In 2023, OrionStar has a long-term partnership with Sojitz Corporation, marking the OrionStar officially entry into the market of Asia. Through close collaboration, OrionStar Robotics has successfully applied service robots in various Japanese settings, including the restaurant industry (such as chain barbecue restaurants and upscale buffets), factories, nursing homes, and theme parks. "We will continue to refine our products and deepen the intelligent applications in various scenarios in Japan, bringing our company's vision of 'born for truly useful robots' to fruition," said Steven (Xinshan) Yu, S.V.P. of Orionstar robotics.

OrionStar Robotics is a global leading AI service robot solution company founded in September 2016. It employs self-developed, full-chain artificial intelligence technologies such as voice interaction and visual navigation, and integrates unique product development and technical application capabilities. Their goal is to use technology to free people from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative and meaningful work. As of June 2023, OrionStar Robotics has deployed over 50,000 robots in more than 60 countries.

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