OrionStar's LuckiBot Pro Wins Gold in French Design Award for Digital & Electronic Devices Category

2023-06-13 17:50

OrionStar Robotics' LuckiBot Pro, an intelligent delivery robot, has been awarded the 2023 Gold Award in the Digital & Electronic Devices category by the French Design Award (FDA). This prestigious award recognizes OrionStar Robotics' commitment to innovation and design excellence.


LuckiBot Pro is an industry-leading multifunctional AI delivery robot that boasts more than ten high-precision vision and laser sensors. These sensors, in combination with advanced vision and laser fusion SLAM algorithms running on a high-performance computing platform, enable the robot to gather extensive environmental information. As a result, LuckiBot Pro achieves autonomous navigation and omnidirectional blind-spot-free perception, surpassing similar products in terms of movement efficiency and mobile safety.


The French Design Award (FDA), established in 2015, is committed to giving global designers a broader platform to convey their design concepts, display excellent design works, and lead global design innovation. The French Design Award Jury is composed of world-renowned design experts and professors, representing the world's first-class design appreciation level. Winning the French Design Award is equivalent to being highly recognized by world-renowned design masters.

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