OrionStar Robotics x WPP Group Explore New Ways of Brand Marketing

2022-11-04 15:43

On October 24, WPP, the world's largest communication group, released a new interactive innovation space at its VMLY&R office in the UK Headquarters Marine Container Park. The space will serve as VMLY&R's creative experience center in the future, showcasing new marketing concepts for partner brand clients, and providing training and design certifications for its employees.

The innovation space has six themed experience areas, Namely Home, Play, Socializing, Going out, QSR, and The Flagship 2.0. 

The new interactive space is provided by many high-standard and high-tech products. Designed by OrionStar, BrandLab360, StoreLab, EyeKandy, SocialVend, ArcStream, Hypersvn,and Pixel Artworks are provided by many well-known technology companies, showing all aspects of how brands will use cutting-edge technology products to seamlessly integrate into the future life, home, gaming and retail in a variety of ways.

OrionStar, as a representative of industry innovation, entered the QSR Smart Catering area, showed the new generation of intelligent marketing robot Lucki to the staff, and will explore new ways of brand marketing in the future together with the WPP UK team.

Debbie Ellison, Global Chief Digital Officer, VMLY&R Commerce, said: "Channels viewed in isolation often feel disjointed and uncomfortable. This new space forces us to examine how brands can be more innovative and effective across channels. Constantly exploring, brands have endless opportunities to increase awareness, drive engagement, and creatively connect to seamless and frictionless buying moments".