OrionStar Robots Enhance the Dining Experience at Mottola Grocery Restaurant in Winnipeg

2023-05-25 14:00

Two intelligent robots powered by OrionStar Robotics tirelessly perform their duties at Mottola Grocery, a renowned restaurant in Hargrave Street Market. These robots have been programmed to efficiently collect used plates and cups, deliver meals, and provide an extraordinary dining experience for customers and staff. The use of OrionStar Robots, which offers an open development platform, allows for customization and adaptation to meet the specific needs of the restaurant.


The recent feature by CTV News - Winnipeg showcased the groundbreaking initiative at Mottola Grocery, including an interview with Bobby Mottola, the President of Academy Hospitality and owner of the restaurant. Mottola expressed his excitement about collaborating with local developers to program the OrionStar robots and exploring their diverse capabilities. He emphasized the ongoing training of robots, stating, "We're trying to really figure out what its talents are and what each individual robot is really good at. We're training them as we speak, so we'll see where it goes."


Bobby Mottolia | The President of Academy Hospitality

One of the intriguing ideas Mottola highlighted was the robots' ability to engage customers with trivial questions. The robots would approach tables and challenge customers with questions like, "Hey, I'll bet you a beer that I know more about seventies music than you do." This interactive element adds a unique and entertaining aspect to the dining experience.


Besides, the robots also serve as interactive guides and sources of entertainment for customers. Mottola explained that customers can approach robots and request guidance to other renowned eateries in the area. Moreover, customers can even ask robots to showcase their dance moves, further enhancing the entertainment factor during their dining experience.

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The introduction of robot servers has garnered positive feedback from customers. Sarah Thompson, a satisfied patron, shared her experience, stating, "Robot servers have truly transformed our dining experience at Mottola Grocery. The robots effortlessly collect used tableware, allowing us to focus on enjoying our meal. It's impressive to witness technology working seamlessly in a restaurant setting."

About OrionStar Robotics

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