OrionStar's Multiple Delivery Robots Successfully Serve Busy Malaysian Restaurant with Smooth Beverage Delivery

2023-04-13 18:32

The introduction of OrionStar's multiple delivery robots at SHAAZ, a popular restaurant in Malaysia, has transformed the dining experience for customers and staff. LuckiBots have proven to be an efficient and reliable solution for the restaurant's high demand for beverage delivery, making for a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone.

Shaaz is a popular eatery located in a 600 square meter space, catering to around 1000 customers daily with tables serving 2-6 customers. With such a high volume of customers, the restaurant requires efficient delivery services to ensure timely and accurate orders. Around 500 delivery tasks are completed by the restaurant each day, making the addition of OrionStar's multiple delivery robots a game-changer for their operations.

On average, the four delivery robots make a total of 434 deliveries per day, covering a distance of 18 kilometers. This data highlights the incredible impact that these intelligent robots have had on the restaurant's service, allowing staff to focus on other tasks while the robots take care of deliveries. These autonomous robots have transformed how food and drinks are served, significantly improving efficiency and reducing customer waiting times.


"Our staff are able to focus on other important tasks, such as food preparation and customer service, thanks to the help of the OrionStar delivery robots," said the restaurant's owner. "This multi-robot solution really increased our restaurant efficiency. Our monthly sales increased a lot."

The waitstaff have also appreciated the assistance provided by the delivery robots, with one saying, "It's such a relief that I don't have to deal with food delivery anymore. My workload has been cut in half!"

In addition to improving efficiency, the OrionStar delivery robots also offer greater accuracy and precision during busy periods. The robots deliver orders with perfect accuracy every time, ensuring that customers receive exactly what they ordered. "The robots have been a lifesaver during busy periods," said the manager. "They help us maintain a high level of service and ensure that our customers receive their orders quickly and accurately."

Overall, the OrionStar delivery robots have exceeded expectations at the Malaysian restaurant, providing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and convenience. As more restaurants adopt this technology, it's clear that using autonomous robots like these will define the future of food service.

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