Unveiling ChatMax: OrionStar's Customizable Chatbot Platform Empowering Voice Interactions for Service Robots

2023-05-19 14:04

Why we need ChatMax

AI chatbots have become popular for businesses and individuals seeking to enhance productivity and efficiency. However, building a chatbot can be challenging, especially for those without programming knowledge. While popular AI language models like ChatGPT can answer customer inquiries, they lack knowledge of specific industries or internal processes. 

What is ChatMax


OrionStar Robotics has launched ChatMax, a platform that effortlessly builds chatbots capable of answering enterprise-level and scenario-specific questions using aggregated large language models. The platform allows users to upload documents in various formats, such as PDFs, Word documents, and web pages, for model training. >> How to Use ChatMax


How ChatMax Works

With a robust enterprise-level knowledge base, these chatbots can provide quick and accurate responses, even to complex questions. It can be used as standalone software or integrated with various smart devices, and it is also easy to use, even for those without programming expertise. Here are examples of how employees utilize ChatMax to query company policies.


ChatGPT's response: public market information only


ChatMax's response: added internal company information

Benefit of ChatMax

With intelligent automation, ChatMax can learn and adapt to new situations, reducing the need for manual intervention. ChatMax also supports more than 90 languages, making it easy to handle global customers. With its 24/7 availability, customers can get help anytime, day or night, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. >> Top 10 Benefits of ChatMax

Service Robots X ChatMax 

Integrating ChatMax with service robots enhances user experience by combining enterprise-level knowledge and context-specific understanding. For example, in government and exhibition halls, a service robot integrated with ChatMax can be a virtual guide, providing visitors with tailored information about exhibits, events, and services. Keeping the ChatMax database updated ensures accurate, relevant, and up-to-date information delivery. 

Furthermore, ChatMax's multi-language support can assist international businesses in communicating with their global customers. Acting as a knowledgeable business representative, the service robot can bring more business opportunities to the enterprise.  >> More Scenarios of ChatMax

Overall, the integration of ChatMax with service robots presents endless possibilities for improving efficiency, enhancing customer experience, and meeting the unique needs of various industries.

About OrionStar Robotics

OrionStar Robotics is a world-leading robotics company, providing intelligent solutions across diverse industries since 2016. Their goal is to use technology to free people from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on more creative and meaningful work. As of March 2023, OrionStar has deployed over 48,000 robots in more than 40 countries.

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